Most of our Railway cargo are moving from China to CIS countries and Russia, cause these countries have no sea freight to, and air freight too expensive and not cost efficent for big quantity cargo. So Railway transport is much more convenient choice, and also faster than sea freight via Bandar Abbas to CIS destination if got time requirement and lower cost than air.We have competitive contract rates with China Railway bureau for China main ports like Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Ningbo, and Tianjin. If you got goods wondering the railway option, we will be ready for your new experience with our Evergrand Logistics!


  1. Competitive railway transport cost from China main cities to CIS country
  2. Timely domestic picking up from supplier
  3. Warehouse storage and consolidate loading
  4. Trucking
  5. Customs declaration
  6. Export documentation and export licence
  7. SOC container or carrier container rent
  8. Insurance for the goods per invoice value



  1. Loading port and Destination train station and its code
  2. Supplier location and order finish time
  3. Income term
  4. Commodity and its HS code
  5. Weight&Volume
  6. Especially the dimension and unit weight if the carton big and heavy. Cause for railway transport, there will be very strict weight balance requirement for the container load. Need to make loading plan before it load to the train




  1. Buyer consolidation(we help you to collect all goods from different suppliers and ship in one lot for saving your local and customs cost)
  2. New supplier verification and product inspection
  3. Production schedule monitor
  4. Export license and documentation
  5. Protecting your business info with shipping under our company name, to cover the real factory info to your final client
  6. Timely shipment tracking and report


1.  Follow up with your supplier’s production schedule and revert you their cargo ready date
2.  If you buy from different suppliers, we can assist to provide the timely domestic picking up service and collect all together in our warehouse for final consolidate loading
3.  Check and prepare the export documentation works with each supplier according to their goods
4.  Arrange the railway export customs declaration
5.  Tracking the container after actual departure
6.  Insurance for the goods according to your invoice
7.  We are also available to assist you to finish the cargo payment to your supplier in China range for saving your bank fee and avoid risks

We EVERGRAND facilitates your GRAND value for EVER!

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